Emerald Cup 2016

The 2016 Emerald Cup was a success! Each athlete that competed in the Emerald Cup was gifted a sample of FITNESSENCE, the first fitness optimizing fragrance. A pre-workout fragrance will always stick out in the competitors swag bags!

We gifted IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Justin Compton a six month supply of Fitnessence. A very genuine and nice person! 

Kelechi Opara was intrigued and loved Fitnessence! We also gifted him Fitnessence and our new product, Athlete’s Solution.



Monoterpenes have two isoprene units, whereas sesquiterpenes have three isoprene units. Monoterpenes are known for their healing properties and cleaning the cell, whereas sesquiterpenes are known for their oxygen delivering properties. Fitnessence is loaded with over 50 different ingredients, all highly concentrated in sesquiterpenes. Many of the ingredients in Fitenssence are lipid soluble and have a low molecular weight. This is good because they are more easily diffusible through cell membranes. The ingredients in Fitnessence are inhaled and then various aromas penetrate the bloodstream via the lungs, which cause physiological changes.


Profusion Labs & House of Matriarch launch FITNESSENCE at…

Profusion Labs is an emerging fitness and lifestyle brand, who in collaboration with House of Matriarch, has recently launched “FITNESSENCE”, the very first aroma-therapeutic fitness optimizing fragrance ever to be brought to market.

Chemist, NASM Fitness Trainer and founder of ProFusion Labs, Hermes Ormeni studied the multitude of natural essences which could potentially optimize the fitness experience and offer a measurable result.  In his research, he found proof that frankincense, black pepper, and vetiver worked to increase oxygen in the brain, improve coordination and balance, and benefit cardiovascular function when inhaled or applied dermally. Essences of goldenrod, carrot seed, galbanum and white ginger were found to offer a profusion of additional mind body and cellular physical benefits.  

House of Matriarch is the premier fragrance house in the US for natural, private label fragrances and is producing the perfume to their high standards at their private lab in Bellevue, WA.  FITNESSENCE is made from natural essences, so the aroma is gender neutral and refreshing; slightly spicy and earthy, yet cooling with a woody, amberesque finish.  Ormeni emphasizes “Fitnessence hugs the skin rather than radiating out like synthetic body sprays so it’s even okay in ‘fragrance free’ zones.”

FITNESSENCE made it’s debut at The 2015 Emerald Cup Championship (Craig Productions) on May 8th & 9th held at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, WA. As the premier fitness and bodybuilding show on the West Coast, the Emerald Cup attracted over 600 competitors, all of whom were gifted with a trial size of FITNESSENCE.  

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